North Series Travel

North Series Team’s primary focus is on U10 (8-9 years old) and U12 skiers (10-11 years old). The North Series Team programming is also designed for U14 and U16 skiers who are either less experienced with alpine ski racing or who prefer the lighter travel schedule the North Series offers.

Bogus Basin season passes are not included and must be purchased from Bogus Basin.


U10 Training Schedule:

Saturdays 9-12:00

Sundays 9-2:30

December 9 through mid-March


U12+ Training Schedule:

Saturday & Sunday 9:00-2:30

Wednesday Nights 5:00-7:00 (Wed bus transportation included)

December 9 through mid-March

Skill Development

  • Alpine skiing fundamentals
  • Alpine ski racing skills and tactics (Slalom and Giant Slalom)
  • Traveling to ski races
  • Mental and motor athletic skills
  • Overall independence
  • Team and social skills.

Additional Costs

A Bogus Basin Season Pass is required and not included in the team fees.

Licensing - A US Ski and Snowboard/IMD license is required

Competitions - Athletes travel with their parents/guardians to all events. Travel competitions also carry an additional coaching fee (covering the coach's travel cost) in addition to team fees and will vary by event.


North Series Competitions are composed of three events. North Series competitions may be held at Jackson or Grand Targhee; Bogus Basin or McCall; and Sun Valley. All three events are qualifiers for U10 and U12 racers to compete in the IMD Championships held in mid-March.

IMD Championships bring together qualified U10/U12 North Series and South Series (Utah racers) to compete for IMD overalls.

Athletes travel with their parents/guardians to all events. Travel competitions also carry an additional coaching fee in addition to team fees and will vary by event.

Note: Competition costs are in addition to program fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a U-Class? 

Your U (Under) Class is the age group that you will compete in. Each U class is specific to age on Dec. 31st:

  • U8 = ages 6-7
  • U10 = ages 8-9
  • U12 = ages 10-11
  • U14 = ages 12-13
  • U16 = ages 14-15
  • U19 = ages 16-8


Local Shops, BBSEF Travel Teams Internal Swap, and the annual BBSEF Ski Swap have a variety of equipment options for BBSEF athletes. Athletic Director Shawn Smith is available to help you evaluate your athlete's equipment needs and source gear.

North Series Team

Winter jacket: BBSEF team jacket required.

A speed suit appropriate for Slalom and GS

Snow pants with side zips for removal on the hill

Base Layer

One-to-three pairs of skis: All-mountain and/or GS, and Slalom skis.

Ski tuning equipment that will allow you to maintain wax and tune your skis

Ski poles that are the right size. One pair for slalom with pole guards and one pair for GS/freeskiing.

Shin guards that are the proper size

Optional equipment: Mouth guard, forearm guards, stealth body protector

One pair of ski boots that fit and that are age appropriate.

A proper ski helmet with hard ears that fits. This helmet should have a face guard that can be removed for free skiing

Goggles, gloves and neck gator

Sunscreen that can be permanently located in your child’s jacket.

Athlete Safety

U.S. Ski and Snowboard and the U.S. Center for SafeSport provide many free resources for parents who want to educate themselves and their children on Athlete Safety.

As an example, parents are encouraged to complete the Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sports. We also encourage parents to take an age-appropriate SafeSport course from the menu below with their children.

Find These Resources And More Here


U10 North Series Trains
Dec. 9 through mid-March
Saturday 9-12 & Sunday 9:00-2:30
U10 North Series Tuition $1645.00
Space is limited to 14 Athletes

U12 North Series Trains
Dec. 9 through mid-March
Saturday & Sunday 9:00-2:30
Wednesday nights 5:00-7:00 (Includes Wednesday night Bus Transportation)
U12+ North Series Tuition $2085.00
Space is limited to 21 Athletes

There is no training on December 23-26

Core Values
Sportsmanship * Fun * Integrity * Grit * Teamwork

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