Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF) is the Treasure Valley's premier ski and snowboard program. Located in Boise and operating at Bogus Basin, we offer winter programs for children and adults. Whether you are a recreational skier or snowboarder l

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BBSEF COVID-19 Protocols


BBSEF strives to ensure the health and safety of our athletes and coaches. Our objective is to observe the guidelines and best practices established by Central District Health, CDC, U.S. Ski and Snowboard, IFSA and USASA.  To do so, we need our BBSEF members and their families to monitor the health and wellbeing of everyone in your household, as well as those with whom you and your family members have frequent contact, before sending your athletes to BBSEF practices or training. The daily health check screenings are a reminder for people to do this – these wellness checks only work if they are filled out by parents of minor children and are completed with care as opposed to simply “checking the box.” 

General Protocols for Participation in BBSEF Training
All BBSEF activities are subject to the following additional protocols:

  • All athletes are required to complete a daily health check screening, prior to attending training.
  • Athletes will use Clear 2 Play for this feature.
  • Coaches will ensure wellness checks are complete before admitting the athlete to training. Failure 

to complete a health check will preclude participation and the athlete will be sent home.

  • All coaches and staff will pre-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to work
  • All coaches and athletes must have immediate access to a mask at all times during training
  • Locker Room access is limited.  Ski storage only.  Max capacity 11 per locker room.
  • Drop off and pick up times at the JHTC will be staggered to avoid congestion, and coaching   staff will be available to ensure compliance with health screening

Protocols for Dryland Training

  • No more than 10 members per group including coaches
  • Physically distanced at least 6 feet apart
  •  All athletes must have a mask or face covering immediately available
  • No physical contact
  •  Cell phones or similar devices should not be shared or passed around.
  •  Backpacks and bags to be set safely apart
  •  No group lunches – athletes will bring bag lunches and sit safely apart. No sharing of water bottles or snacks

 Protocols for Travel Competitions:

  • BBSEF will not provide transportation to training or competitions during the 2020-2021 Season.
  • Athletes and their families are responsible for transport to camps and/or competitions and  

required to arrange their own accommodations.

  • Ride sharing between athletes/families and coaches is not recommended.
  • No shared meals
  • All parties agree strictly observe guidelines of the host resort
  • Group meetings for video analysis will not be allowed. Videos will be uploaded to google drive and video analysis and any important information will be communicated over the phone, via Zoom or individually so long as masks are worn and physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Equipment, including backpacks, skis, boots and poles will be placed in a location approved by the host resort where social distancing can be maintained when accessing.
  • Follow all health and safety protocols established by county, state and federal health officials, as well as, procedures established by the hosting resort.


Additional Protocols/Notices:
In the event of illness – if an athlete attends practice and presents with any symptoms of illness, the athlete will be safely isolated and parents/caregivers called. Parent/caregiver must pick up athletes within 30 minutes of call or athlete must be able to transport home safely. Where illness relates to Covid-19, BBSEF will notify the Central District Health Department and the athlete will not be allowed to return to training until cleared by a medical professional.

We recognize and appreciate that families have different perspectives and we encourage families with comments or concerns to please get in touch with the BBSEF COVID task force by contacting Program Director Mark Wedeking Please remember we are operating in an evolving environment. All procedures and protocols outlined in this plan are subject to modification and may be amended as public health guidelines change and/or we learn more. Thank you for your continued patience. We look forward to the season ahead!


BBSEF Travel Teams COVID-19 Guidelines and Agreement

I, ________________, understand and agree to the following protocols and behaviors for BBSEF training/camps as part of our return to training during the COVID-19 crises. BBSEF will continue to monitor evolving conditions and guidelines by local health officials and other governing bodies (U.S. Ski and Snowboard), and acknowledge these protocols and behaviors are subject to change. BBSEF reserves the right to modify this statement at any time and will notify all participants with updates.


  • Continue to monitor current restrictions, protocols, and recommendations
  • Verify that staff are COVID-19 symptom-free and have not been knowingly exposed to the virus 
  • Require staff to conduct a daily symptom check
  • Confirm completed wellness check with all athletes attending training
  • Enforce (to the best of our ability) protocols and behaviors herein


  • Report any signs, symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19 and I WILL NOT COME TO TEAM    SESSIONS OR TRAINING FACILITIES
  • Signs symptoms may include: fever, new loss of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or digestive issues, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain
  • Participate willingly in all wellness checks
  • Maintain communication with my head coach if I experience symptoms or have knowledge of direct Exposure
  • Report positive COVID-19 test
  • Follow appropriate CDC and head coach directed guidelines before returning to practices
  • Follow coach direction and guidelines regarding COVID protocols
  • Follow coach/team guidelines regarding practice/training group sizes 
  • Follow coach/team guidelines regarding symptom screening and mask-wearing 
  • Abide by lodging and transportation protocols as defined by BBSEF
  • Follow all health and safety protocols established by the hosting resort.
  • Not share water bottles, food/drinks, and personal gear
  • Wash/disinfect my hands frequently before and after practice. Sanitize equipment directly after use.
  • Avoid touching my face
  • Avoid touching teammates and coaches 
  • Maintain appropriate social distancing 
  • Respect teammates personal decisions regarding their own health and safeguards
  • Use good judgment about germ spreading and containment during and outside of team training                sessions 


  • When outdoors: Face masks are required while participating in any/all BBSEF activities, in all BBSEF facilities or vehicles. 
  • When carpooling: We strongly encourage face masks be worn when travelling with anyone outside your immediate household

COVID-19 Exposure Protocols 


  •  Direct Exposure:  If BBSEF athlete/staff or anyone in a BBSEF athlete/staff’s immediate household or member of their family has known exposure to COVID 19 via the “BBSEF Direct Contact” as defined by the CDC or local authority, the BBSEF athlete or staff must stay home from training
  •   Indirect Exposure: If anyone in a BBSEF athlete or staff’s immediate household or member of their family is awaiting COVID 19 test results due to known exposure or symptoms, that BBSEF athlete or staff must stay home from training until results are confirmed negative
  •  Training - See return to training section


COVID-19 Return to Training Protocols 


  • Illness not related to COVID 19: Athletes may not return to training until symptoms are completely gone for three days (i.e., fever free for 72 hours without medication) OR athlete can get a doctor’s note saying the athlete is COVID-19 free
  • If COVID 19 Test is negative: 
  • AND athlete/staff has NOT been contacted by Central District Health being notified that they were a     “CDH Direct Contact,” the Athlete can return to training. Please submit your test results to your Coach.
  • BUT athlete/staff WAS notified Central District Health that they were a “CDH Direct Contact,” the athlete/staff must quarantine from the Team/staff for 14 days since their last contact with the Positive case. After the 14 days and with no COVID 19 symptoms, the athlete/staff can return to training. Please submit your test results to your Coach.
  • If COVID 19 Test is positive: Athlete can only be cleared for training 
  • After following Public Health guidelines for recovery 
  • AND is medically cleared


By signing this document, I ______________________________ confirm I have read, understand, and agree to the above statements. 


Athlete Signature _________________________________________ Date _____________ 


By signing this document, I_________________________________________ the parent/guardian of


_______________________________ have read, understand, and agree to the above statements, and will actively support them.


Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________ Date _______________