Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF) is the Treasure Valley's premier ski and snowboard program. Located in Boise and operating at Bogus Basin, we offer winter programs for children and adults. Whether you are a recreational skier or snowboarder l

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BBSEF Families and Friends,

The annual spring Rose Sale funds equipment and maintenace needs for the next season of BBSEF action.

We ask each family to sell ten (10) dozen roses.


Rose Sale Action Plan

🌹Start taking orders upon receipt of the Rose Sale order form.

🌹Collect $16 for each order at the time you take the order.

🌹Complete the enclosed order form. 

🌹Return the yellow copy of your rose sale orders to the BBSEF office by the Friday prior to the pick-up dates.

🌹You may continue selling roses through the final day of the sale or until we are sold out.

🌹Please email with an estimate of how many dozens you plan to sell.

🌹Additional order forms are available at the BBSEF office and the Rose Sale tab at


Pick up hours are 9:30 am - 5:30 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday, 

Seller Delivery-You may deliver your roses personally. If your customer has a color preference, request a second choice. Color choice is not guaranteed. However, in the past we have been able to accommodate most people's wishes - especially those who pick up roses early. Please be prepared to spend a few minutes at the Rose Sale when you arrive to pick up your roses.


Customer pickup- Customers may wish to select the roses they prefer. They can pick up their roses at the BBSEF office 1675 Hill Rd Suite A (under Harrison dental). Stop in between 9:30 am and 5:30 p.m. on designated pick up dates.


Volunteers- We need help packaging the roses on the pick-up dates. Volunteer shifts are posted on each year.

We need the most help from 8:30 am to 1:00 each day. Volunteers should bring gloves and scissors. 



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Sell 10 Dozen Roses

No spring in your step for roses?

BBSEF gratefully accepts a recommended contribution of $100

from families who prefer not to sell roses.


The impact of sports goes far beyond athletic results. Your support helps youth develop lifelong skills of sportsmanship, accountability, character and confidence.

Thank You!