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Travel Team Parents,

Fall parent-teacher conferences are an opportune time to start the conversation with teachers, administrators and school counselors about anticipated absences during the competitive ski season.

BBSEF can provide documentation for you to pass along to school administrators and counselors. It includes an introductory letter from the director; the Intermountain Division Competition Calendar and a list of corresponding planned absences. If you would like these materials for your athlete’s academic files, please provide your head coach with the name of the school, the school principal and your athlete’s academic counselor prior to fall conferences.

While BBSEF documentation may satisfy the school’s administrative requirements, the athlete’s challenge of balancing training, competition and academic objectives remains. Therefore, it can be beneficial to introduce the materials during fall conference and consider scheduling a follow-up conversation to clarify student/teacher/family expectations and to plan strategies with the student and teacher(s) for continued academic success. Some school counselors and administrators have even worked with athletes and their families to develop course schedules that free up time for athletes in the afternoons during the competitive season.

Strategies for success on the mountain and in the the classroom:




  • Provide school, principal and counselor names to Head Coach
  • Initiate the conversation and share documentation with school administration
  • Clarify student/athlete expectations
  • Provide families with planned absence documentation
  • Provide tutoring support
  • Customize training plans as schoolwork requires


  • Meet with teacher(s) to review planned absences and identify strategies for making up missed days and schoolwork
  • Manage academic workload for success


Over the years, many educators have expressed their gratitude and support to BBSEF families for the advance notice; the time to consider potential concerns; and the opportunity to plan make-up work accordingly.