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Michael B. Young

Big Mountain Champs



The Michael B. Young Big Mountain Championships celebrate the life and enthusiasm of the very man who helped launch the annual competition.

Michael’s relationship with BBSEF started in 1994 as a Mitey Mite. He soon became an accomplished alpine racer, freestyle skier and all-around Generator of Stoke. Snowmelt did not slow him down. He spent the rest of the year behind a boat and earned his first national water ski title at age 10.

When Michael hung up his race skis, he joined the coaching staff and for seven years shared his love of skiing with up-and-coming BBSEF athletes. Every year, he spent days building and shaping the Gelande jump in preparation for the annual Coaches Cup Finale. Mitey Mites, coaches, parents and volunteers gathered to witness his legendary test runs. Not one to disappoint, he sent it in height and distance every single time - complete with an ear-to-ear grin.

Michael loved to ski no matter the discipline. He and his father Barry Young started what is now BBSEF Freeride. Together, they revitalized the program and brought Big Mountain competition to BBSEF and Bogus Basin.

Michael truly epitomized the happy, fun, athletic person that BBSEF is proud to call their own. Although his time with us was far too short, his infectious smile, work ethic and enthusiasm continue to inspire.

We are honored to host the Big Mountain competition in his name. Join us at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area for the stoke and stomp that Michael B. Young served up.

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Welcome Michael B Young Big Mountain Competitors, Families and Coaches!
Michael B Young Big Mountain Event, February 18 & 19, 2021
Bogus Basin, ID. Venue locationInspiration, run access Chair 3 (Superior) 



6:00am……….Health Screen emailed via Google Form

9:30-3:00........Coach Check-In/Lift Ticket Info (JHTC). 

10:00-4:00…..Course Inspection (strongly recommended)

4:00pm……….Start List and Event Updates via WhatsApp

6:00pm……….Skier/Rider Meeting via Zoom



6:00am……….Health Screen emailed via Google Form

8:45-9:45…….Coach Check-in/Bibs

9:45am……….Event updates via WhatsApp

10:00am……...Load lifts

10:15-11:00….Course inspection (1 inspection per athlete)

11:15am……...Start Run 1

4:00pm……….Result via WhatsApp (Awards will be mailed after the event)           

Order of competition (Friday)

Group 1

Female Snowboard U12, 12-14, 15-18

Male Snowboard U12, 12-14, 15-18
Female Ski U12, 12-14, 15-18


Group 2

Male Ski U12

Group 3 

Male Ski 12-14

Group 4

Male Ski 15-18


Final score: single run.

Lift tickets- Competitors purchase a 2-day lift ticket at the Simplot Lodge by showing your bib # and/or giving your name at the Simplot lodge ticket office. Two-day junior (7-12) is $50 plus tax. Two-day teen (13-17) is $72 plus tax. Coaches Tickets for IFSA licensed coaches will be available at the JHTC on Thursday and Friday. 


Please use your car as your lodge. Bags may be stored at your own risk outside the JHTC. Bogus Basin and BBSEF are not responsible for lost/missing items.

Bogus Basin road is busy and it can easily take over an hour to get to the Jason Harper Training Center (across from Pioneer Lodge) from downtown Boise. 

No foot traffic to the venue. The Event may be viewed from outside the Pioneer Lodge.

All skiers/boarders (including BBSEF members) who choose to compete MUST register for this event online here.