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by posted 02/18/2021

Hello All Mountain and Snowboard Home Teams,

This weekend we will be hosting a Big Mountain style event for the All Mountain Home Ski and Snowboard Teams.

This event will consist of 2 runs down Bear Paw.  Best run counts for your score.

The riders will be evaluated using the following IFSA criteria:


  1. Line Choice: Each competitor chooses his/her line or route down the course. High scores are given for choosing difficult routes. Difficulty is determined by steepness, exposure, air, snow and course conditions.
  2. Control: Competitors must remain in control at all times. Any loss of control will result in a lower score. Skillful recoveries will reduce penalties.
  3. Fluidity: Constant direction towards a goal. This includes continuity, pace, and smooth transitions between sections of the course. Falling or stopping can have a negative impact in this category
  4. Technique: Competitors are judged on style and turn quality relating to big mountain freeriding.
  5. Style & Energy: This encompasses the pace, energy and creativity with which a competitor attacks or descends his/her chosen line or route. Style focuses on freestyle execution of maneuvers.


Bear Paw Bash Schedule


09:25-09:30: meet at flag, pass out bibs

09:30-10:30: directed free skiing

10:30-11:00: training on Bear Paw (2 runs)

11:00-11:30: Bear Paw Bash (*2 runs, best of)

11:30-12:00: directed free skiing

12:00-01:00: lunch

01:00-03:15: directed free skiing


*Run order

SB W (Snowboard)


FK W (Freeski)



*Second run will start immediately after first run and will follow the same run order.

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