Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF) is the Treasure Valley's premier ski and snowboard program. Located in Boise and operating at Bogus Basin, we offer winter programs for children and adults. Whether you are a recreational skier or snowboarder l

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Ski Swap FAQ

The 69th Annual Ski Swap will be November 1-3, 2019, at Expo Idaho 5610 Glenwood at the fairgrounds in Boise. 

Friday – $5.00
Saturday – $3.00
Sunday – free with canned food donation (for the Boise Rescue Mission)  $3.00 without a donation.
There is no admission charge for Children ages 11 and younger.

We accept: VISA, MasterCard, and Discover

Ski Swap Sale hours:

Friday, Nov. 1st, 3 pm-10 pm
Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday, Nov. 3rd, 10 am- 3 pm

How the Ski Swap Works:

Simply bring your used equipment down to Idaho Expo and check it in. If it sells during the Swap, BBSEF will take a 25% commission and mail you a check for the remaining 75%. It’s that easy, and it sure beats letting old equipment collect dust in the garage. 

Dropping Off Your Merchandise:
You may check-in your items for sale at Idaho Expo on:

§  Thursday, Oct. 31st , 3:00—9:00 pm

§  Friday, Nov. 1st, 10:00 am—9:00 pm

§  Saturday, Nov. 2nd , 10:00 am—12:00 pm

Picking Up & Getting Paid:
Unsold equipment must be picked-up on Sunday, Nov. 3rd,  from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. We cannot keep equipment after 5:00 pm on Sunday. Do not assume your item has sold if you can’t find your item.  Check with a BBSEF representative at equipment checkout. 

BBSEF is not responsible for equipment left at Idaho Expo after 5 pm on Sunday. 

For those who sold equipment, BBSEF will mail a check to your address by December 1st (just in time for Christmas shopping).

Sellers check online to see if your items have sold!

Sellers must pick up unsold equipment by 5 pm on Sunday, November 3rd at Expo Idaho (Fairgrounds) 5610 Glenwood, Boise.