Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF) is the Treasure Valley's premier ski and snowboard program. Located in Boise and operating at Bogus Basin, we offer winter programs for children and adults. Whether you are a recreational skier or snowboarder l

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Freeride Travel Teams: Update 11/23/20
by posted 11/23/2020

Greetings Freeride Travel Teams,


I truly hope everyone is doing well and ready to enjoy their Thanksgiving week, if not already. 


As we look forward to Bogus opening this Friday, I would like to remind everyone to take it slow and to stay safe. Barring any sort of wild weather event, Bogus is planning to have a lot of the Mountain open Friday.  I'm sure there will be some additional information via press releases this week about lodges, tents and the such that I will pass along. Currently, Bogus Management would like us to notify you that the mountain is closed until Friday, November 27th.  At the end of this email there are some preseason guidelines from their website. 


Our Travel Teams will start on the original starting date, December 12th. Prior to the first training day, I will send an email updating you on our meeting times and locations, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. A link to our teams training calendar that we share with Bogus operations is below. This document is fluid and is here to give you an idea of the days we plan to train at Bogus. The times reflected in this document are for freeride operating hours, not athletes to be present with coaches.


Please note: Our new daily start and finish time for athletes is 8:45a-3:00p. This time change is due to our effort of staggering all BBSEF Teams to limit the size of gatherings at our meeting locations. 


As ambassadors of the mountain, I encourage you all to follow all new mandatory regulations and procedures. 



  • Skiing, Snowboarding, Skinning, hiking, or any preseason activities are off-limits at Bogus Basin, due to preseason snowmaking and grooming.
  • Skiing, Snowboarding, Skinning, hiking, or any preseason activities are allowed ONLY on Mores Mountain. Please use the Nordic Highway to access terrain when possible.
  • 4-wheel drive is highly recommended – our plow team is working through the hours to keep Bogus Basin Road clear, but it has not been sanded yet this season. Drive with caution, and slower traffic remember to use the pull-out areas!


I am really hoping that all of our team members will be good stewards of BBSEF and follow these rules while we wait for opening day.  We can also be part of the solution, not the problem at Bogus by making sure our athletes, families, and staff adhere to Bogus COVID protocols– Wearing a mask and social distancing will help Bogus keep skiing all winter long.


Thank you,



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Rotarun Thanksgiving Camp is cancelled
by posted 11/11/2020

Hello Freeride Travel teams,

I have some sad news to share--Rotarun has canceled their Thanksgiving operations and we will not be holding the Thanksgiving training camp as planned. Below, Coach Ben has included the email in italics that he just recieved from Riley Berman, their manager.

Mark Wedeking has been having ongoing discussions with Bogus Basin management about training options and there is at least a chance that we could be doing something on snow at Bogus as a team during Thanksgiving week. We'll keep everyone in the loop as things continue to develop. 

We will keep working hard to find creative ways to make it happen.



Hello Team Captains –

I have been meaning to send a Rotarun training space update out for a couple days now, but with the ever changing circumstances, I felt like I needed to wait till I had more clarity from the mountain progress and community before I could give you an accurate report.

Atlas, with the ever changing situation that has only gotten progressively more concerning with COVID, our county is currently at 52 cases per 100,000 and rising rapidly (which is over double the suggested USSA recommendation for holding events and camps), we are having to re-evaluate. Though Rotarun is a great social distancing training option, we have to still think about the bigger picture, and how it affects the community as a whole.  

In addition, our progress in the venue build has been steady, but due to this being our first year, our goal, and expectation, have not been totally aligned. Though we do believe our hill will be ready for a fall camp, we do not feel like it is in our (or the visiting teams) best interest to open the mountain unless the venue is at a standards that we all hold acceptable as a top quality training site – and we are concerned we cannot meet that expectation.

After communication with the executive director, and members of the board, we regret to say that Rotarun will not be a training option for this fall. We are deeply saddened by this because we are committed to providing an new affordable option for training in a season where any options are at an all-time low. It just seems like there has been one to many hurdles to make this become a reality in such a short and ever changing time frame.

We hope you do understand, and that you will keep us in mind as a future training venue option. We believe that places like Rotarun are becoming increasingly more important to the ski racing community as this sport continues to become more and more inaccessible. We are fully committed to making Rotarun a “gem” that the ski racing community has for many years to come.

Please reach out if you will need a reimbursement to your lane space deposit.

Thank you,

Riley Berman

Rotarun General Manager

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