Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF) is the Treasure Valley's premier ski and snowboard program. Located in Boise and operating at Bogus Basin, we offer winter programs for children and adults. Whether you are a recreational skier or snowboarder l

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BBSEF Programs are currently full for the 20/21 Season.
Please email if you would like to be placed on a waitlist.





·         Require every athlete and coach to complete a symptom check, no more than eight hours prior to training or participating in a BBSEF activity.

·         Require all participants, coaches and family members dropping off or picking up an athlete/staff to wear a face covering.

·         Limit access to the Jason Harper Training Center, observing social distancing guidelines.

·         Clean the JHTC after Training on Saturday and Sunday using a fogging system.

·         Introduce staggered training schedules; including staggered start times, lunch breaks and ending times. To ensure proper social distancing of groups.

·         Restrict team/group sizes to a maximum of ten members including coaches.

·         Provide a warming tent for BBSEF families (brought to you by Albertsons) in the Buttercup Parking lot.  Restricted capacity and time limits will allow safe access to all.  No gear storage or table reservations are permitted.  

·         Clean the warming tent after training on Saturday and Sunday using a fogging system.

·         Wipe down restrooms and high touch surfaces frequently during the day.

·         Comply with US Ski and Snowboard (our governing body) guidelines for Competitions. Limiting the number of competitors per day. 

·         All start list and race results will be online only.  There will not be a scoreboard at the training center. Alpine races may be found on

·         To prevent gathering of large groups; in-person Awards Ceremonies are not permitted. Awards will be announced virtually after the event.  Coaches will present awards to athletes on the next training day.

·         Home Team groups will be organized by age and gender so groups may stay together throughout the event.



Start Times

8:30 U14-FIS 
8:45 Freeski/Snowboard Prep & Comp 
9:00 North Series 
9:30 Mitey Mite-U8 /All Mountain 
9:50 U10 Devo Teams 
10:10 U12-U16 Devo Teams 


11 - 12 U14-FIS
11:30 - 12:30 Freeski/Snowboard prep
12-12:45 Mitey Mite-U8/ All Mountain Teams
12:20-1:10 Devo Team U10
12:30-1:15 Devo Team U12-U16

Training Ends Pick Up Athletes

2:30 U14 - FIS
3:15 Mitey Mite-U8 /All Mountain Teams
3:35 U10 Devo Teams
3:45 U12-U16 Devo Teams 


December through March the BBSEF office will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00am-4:30 pm.
We encouraged members to contact us by email The BBSEF office has limited capacity,
physical distancing and face coverings are required.

Jason Harper Training Center  

  •  Face masks required while in JHTC
  •  Athletes may access JHTC at their appropriate training time to retrieve skis.
  •  No loitering inside or outside the JHTC
  •  Coaches may leave skis in TC and pick up prior to training times with radio.
  •  No eating lunch in TC (expands necessary per square foot per person of safe space) (36-114)

 Jason Harper Training Center Occupancy is Limited:

  •             Total Max Occupancy: 53 (moving/passing through)
  •             Entry - 9 max
  •             Conference Room - 12 max
  •             Bathrooms - 1 max per restroom
  •             Office (Shannon) - 1 (with pass-through access to timing room)
  •             Coaches Room - 6 max
  •             Directors Office - 1 max (with Radio and drill access)
  •             Locker rooms  - Women - 11 max, Men - 11 max.
  •            Tuning room/ski storage - zero occupancy, access to storage only.

Please remember we are operating in an evolving environment. All procedures and protocols outlined are subject to modification and may be amended as public health guidelines change and/or we learn more. Thank you for your continued patience. We look forward to the season ahead!


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